"I love my job, so I when I go to work it feels like I'm headed out to play. This in turn makes every session feel like a new adventure. It makes me feel like a super hero who has the power to freeze time! Quality of life is what I value most. I simply want happiness. That requires putting God first and finding a happy balance between family, friends and work.
Wife, Mother, Photographer and Teacher.  I wouldn't have it any other way!"
Monica Blackshire

I was born and raised in Lafayette Louisiana.  I graduated from Southern University in 2004.  I took a few classes at LSU, then transferred to Columbia Southern University for a Masters in Business Management.  


I'm a wife and a mommy! I've been married for 7 years, I have an amazingly smart and beautiful toddler and a brand new baby boy! Currently, I teach 7th grade history at a Title 1 school in Houston. I enjoy teaching because it allows me to use my creativity to enrich the lives of others.  I take all of my photography jobs on Saturdays (and Sunday if its a wedding after 12 noon) 


I've been carrying a camera in my purse since high school, back when disposable cameras were cool to have. My passion has now blossomed into a wonderful business! I love my clients, and I take my job seriously!

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