How to Build a Photo Prop Lemonade Stand

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

This lemonade stand is perfect for kids age 2-4. It can be made for older kids with modifications! #lemonadestand #lemons #velcro #photoprop #lemonade #monicablackshire #chalkmarker #chalkpaint #michaels #homedepot #craftymom #summerprojectsforkids #photography

Lemonade Stand by Monica Blackshire

Whether you’re running a photography business or a small business for your kids this summer, building this lemonade stand is the perfect way to grow your business and keep it fresh and fun!

Materials needed:

I went to home depot to get my wood from the 'scraps' pile, I spent like $3.00 on some really good pieces of wood. I bought everything else from Michael's with coupons and my teacher discount!

Pine board

Pine board strips

Industrial Strength Velcro

Chalkboard Spray Paint

Chalk Marker

2 Small paint brushes

3-4 styrofoam bowls

2 Wooden crates (buy 4 crates for an older kid)

Flags for decor (be creative, use any colors you'd like, however, I recommend using 3-4 different colors)

Acrylic paint for decor (be creative, use any colors you'd like, however, I recommend using 3-4 different colors)

Wooden candle pillar

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find a good place to paint ( I went to my backyard)

  2. Spray paint your pine board with the black chalkboard paint, then set aside to dry

  3. Get a bowl for each of your paint colors, put a good amount of paint in each bowl. (I used styrofoam bowls) Put your paint in the bowls, use one paint color per bowl.

4. Line up your two crates side by side, (if you are using four, then there should be two crates on the ground side by side, then two crates on top of those.

5. Develop a pattern that you like, then paint each strip of wood. Set these out to dry.

6. While your crates dry, grab your pine strips and candle pillar and paint them. Set out to dry.

7. While your crates, pine strips and candle pillar are outdoors drying, get your 'chalkboard', use your chalk marker to write out the word 'Lemonade .50' on it. (you may want to practice with a pencil, and once you get it the way you like it, trace over it with your chalk marker)

8. Your crates should be done now, bring them inside to assemble.

9. Take 2 long strips of industrial velcro and put it between your two crates, (if you are doing 4 crates, be sure to add velcro to the top of one set of crates also)

10. Use velcro to add your pine strips and title board! Decorate as you wish! Easy!

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