When Should You Hire A ProfessionalPhotographer? (Hint: Always)

Everyone thinks they have what it takes to be a photographer until the results show up. It doesn’t matter if you have the newest smartphone or DSLR camera, nothing can replace the expertise and knowledge that a professional photographer brings to the job. While certain situations don’t necessarily call for paying a pro, it’s the more important ones that need the extra attention to detail. Professional photographer Monica Blackshire invites you to consider the milestones that call for an expert. Wedding Photography Surprisingly, there are still people out there who don’t pay for a wedding photographer. According to wedding site The Knot, just short of 90% of weddings have a professional photographer. While wedding costs have skyrocketed in the last few decades, photographers are still a relatively cheap way to make sure your big day is captured in all of its glory. It isn’t simply the photos you have to worry about, either. Amateur photographers have difficulty staying out of the way, dealing with personalities and having all the answers they need to calm down the wedding party. Family Photos A big time of year for professional photographers is the holiday season. And because there’s more to taking photos than simply pressing a button, a pro is definitely necessary. There are a multitude of reasons a professional is the right choice, but in the simplest terms, you get what you pay for when it comes to photography. The internet is filled with family photos gone wrong because they went for the DIY approach. Save yourself the time and online embarrassment, and get yourself a professional. Photos of Your Business For those who have a small business, your website says a lot about you and your work, making it paramount that your site has great design and high-quality photos. The only way to be sure you have accomplished this is to hire a professional photographer. There is a reason that big websites spend so much money on their in-house photographers- they don’t want to lose the talent behind what makes their site look so good. You either pay up or pay for it in the long run. Selling Your Home This is definitely the biggest and best reason to hire a professional photographer. The global pandemic has changed home buying (and selling) from an in-person chore to an at-home task. With buyers having only photos, virtual open houses and 3D walkthroughs to gauge whether the home they see is the one they want to spend their money on, it becomes important that those visual aids are perfect. Preparing for a home photo shoot requires a lot more attention and work on your end up front. Start by making any major and minor repairs and improvements. Paint the outside or inside, choosing the right colors can add value to your home. Add minor upgrades with hardware, and declutter from top to bottom. Lastly, deep clean everything top to bottom. Photos can pick up more than you want to share, so put your home in the best possible light. The skill of a professional photographer is often difficult for people to see due to the endless stream of photos shared on social media every single day. And while there are plenty of times where you don’t need a pro, other situations call for the right expertise. Don’t let the upfront cost of hiring a professional convince you to do it yourself; you’ll be paying for it in the end with an inferior final product. Whether you have an upcoming event, want new headshots for your business, have a graduation or even a new baby, look to the experience of Monica Blackshire for all your photography needs.

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