Monica Blackshire Collection supports the diverse lives of today's professional photographer on-the-go by combining fashion with function and efficiency. Naturally, women carry more items than men. This is especially true as we take on different roles in our lives- such as student, professional, mother, or the many other things we add to our plate. To survive our busy days, we find ourselves carrying more and more items. This can also sometimes mean more baggage as well. As a mother, teacher and professional photographer, Founder, Monica Blackshire found herself carrying 2-3 bags each day to lug around her essentials. She also noticed a lot of other photographers and women in general who appeared to be dealing with the same issue.

While the standard black DSLR camera bag  has become an essential way for us to accomplish all of our professional tasks,  DSLR bag designs haven't evolved enough to fully support our needs. Sure, there are plenty of expensive, beautiful bags out there...but the reality is they're not truly designed for women. If we're able to find a bag that is functional, it's usually lacking in style and we have to settle carrying multiple bags. We shouldn't have to sacrifice fashion for function. So Monica designed Monica Blackshire Collection to offer purpose-built bags, that are also stylish and versatile.